1 & 2 Day Israel Tours

Israel Private Day Tours

             PRIVATE DAY TOURS  in ISRAEL are the ideal way to design a tailor-made tour that suits all of your needs and interests.

Travel with your own group of friends – Plan a fun and educational family tour – Visit those unique spots that tourists don’t usually reach – Include specialized activities – Arrange a pampering, leisurely holiday – or – Schedule a concise itinerary for businessmen – Have the freedom to make changes as you go.

We will do our utmost to work within the limits of your budget and our knowledgeable and passionate guides will not just take you on tour, they will challenge your wit, increase your curiosity and strengthen your spirituality.

Starting this procedure is by entering into discussion with one of our professional guides or agents.


In order to assess your needs properly, we will require some general background information about your party (number of people in your party, ages, interests, the dates you plan to visit and your budget). Through ongoing discussion about the sites or regions you may wish to visit, accommodation types and activities, we will adapt your specifications into an itinerary and then quote on it. As this is your own program, it is flexible to an extent, even as you tour, except for accommodations or activities that have been pre-planned. In order to ‘start the ball rolling’ contact us to…


Although we highly recommend that you discuss your needs with us, we have listed a number of suggested itineraries that may interest you and where you can get ideas and information on popular routes.

Our own suggested Israel Day Itineraries adaptable to your requirements

masada dead sea
En Gedi Tour and Ein Gedi Spa
Tsfat,Safad,Sefat,Zippori, Baram, Bet Shearim,Katzrin,Qatzrin,Bet Alfa, Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi
Christian Tour Israel, private tour guide israel, jesus tour israel
private tours Israel, Gamla, Katzrin, Tsfat, Safat

Jezreel Valley Tour, Beit Shean Valley Tour,Kings of Israel Tour, ancient synagogues
christian Israel tour, christian holy land tour
Galilee and Golan Tours Israel

Holy Land Tours Israel, Israel Muslim Tours, bedouin hospitality

Bab al Wad, Castel, Kav HaTefer, Ammunition Hill, Har Herzl

Kumeran, Dead Sea Scrolls,Inn of the Good Samaritan and Israel Museum

Beit Guvrin archaeological tour

British Campaign during World War 1 in Israel 


Combine any two 1-Day Tours to create your own 2-Day Tour

  • Overnight in a location close in proximity to the location that you start your tour on Day 2, allowing you to make the most of your time schedule.
  • Combine a  Tour of the Galilee with a visit to the Golan
  • Combine a tour of Jerusalem and a tour of Masada and the Dead Sea, with an overnight at the Dead Sea to experience the evening atmosphere of the desert.

We can arrange overnight accommodation for you, saving time in travelling and ensuring you make the most out of the time you have.


Overnight when touring from Eilat, as suggested in the following samples…