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The word ‘PILGRIM’ derived from the Latin word ‘PEREGRINUS’, means TRAVELER, on a journey to a holy place. This journey was often made by foot and was usually physically demanding to signify the importance of the journey. 

Initially CHRISTIAN PILGRIMAGE was relevant to sites connected with the MINISTRY of JESUS, although today it often combines that with a spiritual aspiration and may refer also to the experience of life.

Those who followed Jesus were ‘simple folk’: fishermen – shepherds – farmers – people of the land, hardworking people.

Jesus lived amongst them and spent most of his time in their company. His time in the bustling city of Jerusalem was short in comparison to the amount of time he spent in the pastoral fisherman village of Capernaum – “His Town”.

Most of the parables in the bible deal with the  world of nature and farming. In order to more fully understand the bible, we have to understand the world of nature that surrounded the people of those times. And the political conditions of course, also had tremendous influence on everyday life.  

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Holidays, biblical events and characters will be brought to life through new perspectives as we glimpse into the world of those times, linking the agricultural motifs and proverbs of the “Old Testament” with those of the “New Testament”. The journey is a collaboration of the spiritual… the practical… and the intellectual.

Here are some ideas for tour itineraries….


A 7 Day Journey through the Holy Land emphasizing the sites and situations that touched “His” life. A communion or mass can be arranged at specific locations, or while sailing across the Sea of Galilee. Renewal of wedding vows can be led by a pastor at the Church of Kana, the “Wedding Church” where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine. A baptism can be arranged at the baptismal site of Yardenit or that of Qas’r Al Yahud, across from Bethany in Jordan.  Link to the itinerary >


The Gospel Trail provides an opportunity to those who wish to fulfill the meaning of ‘pilgrimage’ by walking through the Galilean landscape in the footsteps of Jesus, from Nazareth – Jesus’ boyhood town – and on to Capernaum on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The route is about 62 km in length but is broken into 4 segments to make it more suitable to personal abilities and preferences. This allows visits to nearby historical and religious sites that are located off the main trail.  Link to the itinerary >

Following are 6 topics that link to 1 Day Tour routes that put emphasis on Christianity and for which you can request appropriate guidance for.






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