1 Day – Valleys – Biblical to Modern Times


The most important revolution that took place in the story of mankind: “The Agricultural Revolution”, took place in the Middle East and some of the earliest signs are evident in Israel. 

In biblical times, the early Israelites were world leaders in many aspects of farming . The modern state of Israel made a comeback at the beginning of the 20th C. with projects from drip irrigation to biogenetics.

The wealth of archaeological sites and ancient communities of Israel, are an affirmation of the prosperity of the land down through the ages.



From the Valley of Jezreel (translated from Hebrew as ‘God’s Seeded Land’) to the Beit She’an Valley learn of a rich Jewish legacy, from the time of the bible till present day.

Tour Itinerary

  • Visit MEGIDDO (ARMAGEDDON), a significant town for thousands of years, perpetually controlled for several hundred years by Israel’s biblical Kings, and is also one of the strategic locations for comprehending Middle East history
  •  Cross the JEZREEL VALLEY, Israel’s breadbasket in the first temple period. In the early 1900’s large sections of the valley were marshland that led to outbreaks of malaria. Resettlement of the territory focused its energy on draining the swamps so that the land once again became productive.
  • A stop at BEIT ALFA demonstrates the robotic milking system that has been adopted at many of Israel’s dairy farms, where technology has taken over from man.
  • The BEIT SHE’AN VALLEY is dotted with community and farming settlements that were established by the support of Jews around the world. It is a symbol of success in rebuilding the lives of refugees from Arab states and Holocaust survivors.
  • The ancient settlement of BEIT SHE’AN , was located on one of the main arteries of “Via Maris”, guarding the vital crossing of the Jordan River. Watered by springs, with its rich soil, and warm temperatures, it was a prosperous commercial and cultural center and the over twenty layers of civilization that were uncovered there, substantiate its importance throughout history.

Optional Sites

Sites on the same route and close in themes and therefore can be exchanged or added, depending on personal preferences and time constraints.

Gan HaShlosha (Sachne): Integrate a swim in the summer to cool off or a brisk dip in the winter where the water temperature is constant at 28C (85F). According to World Traveller’s magazine, one of the best swimming spots in the world.
Beit Shearim: the Jewish necropolis of the Roman Period.
Af Al Pi Chen Museum: the naval museum in Haifa is devoted to clandestine immigration during the period of 1934 – 1948 prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. During this time, despite the fact that strict immigration quotas were imposed, the struggle to bring Jews to Israel persisted, as described in the story of “Exodus”. The museum was constructed in and around the “Af -Al Pi Chen” ship. The ship, originally constructed in Canada in 1941 as a tank carrier, eventually landed up in the hands of the Israeli underground that helped bring Jewish refugees from Europe.