Strategic Sites of the Holyland

Acre, Caesarea, Armageddon
Throughout history the narrow strip of land – locked between the desert to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the west – Israel of the Biblical time and of today, served as a narrow bridge between the superpower to the south west (Egypt) and to the north east (Babylon).

Later as a barrier between the Roman and the Persian empires, and the Crusaders and the Muslims, the importance of this piece of land became obvious.

Throughout the land there were strategic sites, and whoever controlled them was holding the key to the Middle East.




The tour takes you to 3 of the more strategic sites within this narrow strip of land called Israel, that had bearing on world history from ancient times.


Tour Itinerary

Tour Code: HSSH1

  • Drive south along the Mediterranean to CAESAREA the largest port in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean during the Roman period, known as Herod’s greatest masterpiece.
  • Drive northeast along the main highway of the biblical world – Via Maris (the road by the sea), today a 4-lane highway, till MEGIDDO (ARMAGEDDON), one of the key sites to understanding the history of the Middle East.
  • Continue northwest to AKKO, first founded by the Phoenicians, is best known for the part it played as a gateway port city to the holy land during the crusader period with its intricate subterranean city of crusader halls and sanctuaries.
  • Return to port in the evening.



Tour Options

Below is a list of sites on the same route and close in themes which can be exchanged or added, depending on personal preferences and time constraints.

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