Family & Bar/Bat Mitzvah



FAMILY TRAVEL is both REWARDING AND CHALLENGING. It provides an opportunity for families to EXPERIENCE NEW ADVENTURES TOGETHER and for kids to LEARN HISTORIC EVENTS in a way that is more ENGAGING AND FUN than by reading alone.

With families becoming smaller and both parents in the work force, the family holiday takes on new significance in today’s lifestyle. Besides just taking the kids on a family vacation, today’s parents realize that young minds can absorb far more than what they were once given credit for. Parents want to stimulate curiosity and expose their children to different cultures and life standards which leads them to a better appreciation of their own.

In Israel, travelling with a family has DEEPER ROOTED CONNOTATIONS than many world destinations and SIGNIFICANCE FOR ALL DENOMINATIONS. Whether for a BAR/BAT MITZVAH, a FAMILY PILGRIMAGE or a FUN TRIP WITH THE KIDS, we will help you plan, budget and tailor a colorful, educational and fun experience. As EACH FAMILY IS UNIQUE, so are their needs, which makes tailoring the tour to your requirements and criteria an important part of the process.

Family Tours

Planning a family tour that will excite both teenagers and younger ones (and at the same time let you relax and enjoy) is not easy.


Travel Israel can design tours for all ages and interests, whether you want adventure, culture, education or nature, or a mix of all that Israel has to offer and more.

Our family trips explore Israel’s most exciting and culturally-rich sites, offering loads to do for all ages and leaving everlasting memories.

For further details and information regarding itineraries for families please contact us.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours

We all want our children to experience an indelible connection to JUDAISM – our HERITAGE and ISRAEL – our HOMELAND.

Price Bnei Mitzvah

A Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah tour for this most special Jewish rite of passage, vividly brings that connection to life.

We work directly with the family to tailor how this experience will unfold in relation to preferences in choice of tour sites, activities, budget, accommodations, and time constraints.

For further information regarding the different locations, events, sites and activities that can be included for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, as well as family and friends, visit our page dedicated to Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours.

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