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Today Israel is a modern thriving country in the Middle East.

Yet, it is possible, to walk the land of our forefathers and to understand biblical and historical events in their actual, geographical location.

In archaeological sites such as the City of David, we can actually see how the layers of civilization in Jerusalem, center of Judaism throughout time, have been chiseled through as we glance into the past.


Jezreel Valley, grain basket of Israel during the time of the bible and the major source of wealth for the Kingdom of Israel.

When the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, and centers of Jewish life moved from Judea northward, Jews reconstructed their lives, their social institutions, and their economy in  the Galilee region. The rejuvenation of national Jewish life brought forth leaders such as Rabbi Yehuda HaNassi, compiler of the Mishna (Oral Law) and a number of Talmudic scholars. Jewish towns prospered and synagogues in the Galilee were established.
Beit Shearim

Beit She’arim, home of Rabbi Yehuda HaNassi and the Sanhedrin, before his move to Zippori

In the early 1900’s settlements such as the kibbutz, unique to Israel were started in its swamp lands and deserts, paving  the way to Israel becoming a  leader in sophisticated irrigation systems. More recent development marks Israel as a leader in agriculture, medicine, the high-tech industry, start=ups etc…  
Technion University

Technion University

Israel has developed and flourished, despite the fact that during these past 100 years, the Jewish-Arab conflict continues on and the world holds Israel up to a magnifying glass on this tiny piece of land between the Jordan River in the east and the Mediterranean in the west. 

Become aware of a rich Jewish heritagevisit landmarks, battle grounds and heritage sites that played a role in the establishment of the State of Israel from biblical to modern times.

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