1 Day – Masada and the Dead Sea


Sulfur vapor  evaporating from the body of water, known as the Dead  Sea.

 Peoples have been drawn for thousands of years to this region, more than 400 meters (1400 ft.) below sea level. King David retreated to this desert , hiding from King Saul and Herod the Great used it as an escape position  on the south border of Judea.

 The  imposing fortress – MASADA – with ostentatious  royal residences – appears in this far-off land.

 In the year 73, a band of Jewish rebels, fortified Masada against the invincible forces of Rome, till  they were defeated tragically in the spring of that year.



The mystery and myths of Masada are uncovered as the questions revolving around it are answered.
WHAT was the purpose  of an opulent stronghold on a secluded mountain in the desert and who would erect it ?
WHY would the victorious  forces of Rome, having defeated Jerusalem, lead troops of thousands of soldiers to an isolated cliff to handle a small band of renegades ?
WHAT were the reasons that led the insurgents to this bitter conflict against Rome ? 
HOW was it possible to find food and drink on the desolate mountain Masada ?

Tour Itinerary

  • Drive east through the desert of Judea descending some 400 m below sea level  to the Dead Sea.
  • Continue southbound along the Dead Sea Coast till Masada.
  • Take the cable car to the top of the mountain to visit  MASADA – a world heritage site and one of Israel’s most famous archaeological reserves.
  • A comprehensive visit sheds light on the various peoples who dwelt at Masada including their politics, customs and observances.
  • Stop off at a spa on the beachfront along the DEAD SEA for a a relaxing afternoon.
  • Pamper yourselves by smearing your bodies with the Dead Sea black mud , float in the waters known for their remedial values, or lay back and let your mind and bodies absorb the ambience.

Optional Sites

Sites on the same route and close in themes and therefore can be exchanged or added, depending on personal preferences and time constraints.

Ein Gedi Spa.
Mineral Beach Spa.
Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.