1 Day – Jerusalem & Bethlehem

JERUSALEM, the most revered site for Christianity and Judaism , is the 3rd most pious site for Islam, and has a history of approximately 4000 years .

About three thousand years ago, King David founded Jerusalem as his capital and the 1st Temple was constructed by his son, Solomon, who was known for his peaceful ways.

Traditionally, the Christian messiah Jesus, after his resurrection, rose to heaven from Mount of Olives, while Mohammad the prophet and father of Islam, rose to heaven from the Dome of the Rock to receive the prayer of Islam.

BETHLEHEM… Three thousand years ago, the prophet Samuel, anointed the young Shepherd David of Bethlehem, as King of Israel. About a thousand years later, Jesus was born in the same town, to fulfill the Christian prophesy, that the messiah would be a descendant of the House of David.



From the mountain top soaring east of Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, one has a birds-eye view of Jerusalem. With the key sites and geographical outlay in view beyond, a recapitulation of the political and biblical environment of the times brings clarity of the past. A visit to Bethlehem ensues.

Tour Itinerary

  •  Start at the MOUNT OF OLIVES, for an overview of Jerusalem, unravelling 4000 years of history.
  • Descend the mountain and stop for a comprehensive visit at the GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE (The church of Gethsemane is also referred to as the Church of All Nations and Church of Agony.)
  •  A short drive takes you to the traditional location where Jesus was born the CHURCH OF NATIVITY in BETHLEHEM.
  • Return to Jerusalem to visit the OLD CITY entering via one of the gates.
  • Walk the path where Jesus bore the cross along the VIA DOLOROSA (Way of Sorrows), stopping at the traditional stops that Jesus made on the way to GOLGOTHA and the CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE, where traditionally Jesus was crucified and buried.
  •  Cross the Jewish Quarter to visit the WESTERN WALL, the holiest place for Jews throughout the world.
  • Walk along the main street that stretched from north to south in Jerusalem during the Byzantine Period – the CARDO and exit the walled city to MOUNT ZION to ascend to the UPPER ROOM (Coenaculum).
  • A short ride through the streets of new Jerusalem.

Note: The tour in Bethlehem is subject to Palestinian Authority regulations. A Palestinian guide and change of vehicle are required for Bethlehem visit.