Agricultural Tours

Israel… a land, bearing evidence of the earliest traces of farming and revitalized in the last half century has become a forerunner in agricultural technology – from sophisticated irrigation systems to genetic engineering. It’s advanced and intensive desert farming techniques have enabled it to become one of the major suppliers of top quality fruits and vegetables to the European communities. The Kibbutz and the Moshav – started in the early 1900’s as agricultural settlements, although changing, still flourish today.

Discuss the agricultural products or topics that interest you with our specialist to plan a full itinerary to Experimental Farms, Agriculture Research Centers, Agri-Tech Enterprises and Kibbutz or Moshav settlements.

Arrange appointments with farmers to get a view of the practical aspects of the operation.

Or on a limited time schedule, simply let us plan a day to give you a bird’s-eye-view of one of the agricultural topics that interests you. Below is a tour suggestion from Eilat.


yotvata field

1 Day Agriculture & Settlement Tour – from Eilat