Archaeological Tours

Visit the City of David where two thousand years after King Herod’s builders laid the foundations for the Kotel on the Temple Mount, Israeli archaeologists reached these foundations.

Explore Herodium, where Ehud Netzer, one of the world’s foremost authorities on Herodian architecture – after decades of searching – finally discovered Herod’s tomb, and at the same location fell to his death while digging at the site.

Or join an Archaeological Dig at Tel Maresha, to get a taste of archaeological procedures in a fun way.


As the richest country in archaeological sites, Israel has much to offer with excellently maintained sites and museums that house some of the most fascinating relics ever discovered.

Even in ancient times Israel’s importance was apparent as noted in the “Tower of David Museum”, where a plaque above a large relief map of the ancient middle east, reads:

“Situated in the fertile crescent, stretching along the Mediterranean coast, the ancient land of Israel (Canaan) served as a vital corridor between continents, a cultural bridge and a buffer between the 2 mighty civilizations on its borders – Egypt and the kingdoms of Mesopotamia”.

In bold writing on the plaque is the following line: “A BRIDGE BETWEEN CULTURE, A BUFFER BETWEEN EMPIRES”.


Interested in experiencing the ‘archaeological process’. Taken seriously, but presented lightly, link to the sample itinerary. Ideal for families and kids.