Timna Park & Hai Bar


Timna, the oldest copper mine in the world dating back some 6000 years, a window to a geological history created by the forces of climate, and movement of the Syrian-African Rift which has exposed the rocks… lifted and broken layers & boulders… fashioning a dramatic and diverse landscape.





Learn about Timna, the oldest copper mine in the world, discovered by the Egyptians in the 5th millenium BCE, which was recently re-activated.

It attracts Geologists and nature lovers to it’s rare geological features created by forces of climate and shifting of continents.Historians and archaeologists to see reminders of the cults and ancient cultures that inhabited the area such as the shrine to Hathor – goddess of the mines, and its rock drawings and hieroglyphics.Religious interest groups to visit its replica of the Tabernacle (portable dwelling place of the “divine presence” when the Israelites were in the wilderness). Visit Yotvata Hai Bar, a 4000 acre, wildlife reserve and type of safari park, that was created to reintroduce biblical animals native to the region that they had disappeared from.

Tour Itinerary

Tour Code: ETHB1

  • Drive north from Eilat about 22 km. (12 miles) along the Rift Valley into the desert, turning west into TIMNA PARK.
  • Enter the park stopping at the VISITOR’S CENTER to see the unique, multimedia presentation that brings the story of copper mining to life, explores the history and culture of the people, and gives the geological background of the area.
  • Drive through the park to the area of the sand-filled plates (that led to Timna’s rediscovery).
  • HIKE through the arches, the niches, the mining shafts, and mountains where the harsh environment gives a glimpse into the reality of life of an ancient miner.
  • Return to the car and drive on through the park passing by and stopping at some of the various geological formations & archaeological sites such The Mushroom, Solomon’s Pillar’s, Hathor’s Temple, The Smelting Area.
  • Continue driving through the park to the Rest Area at the man-made lake, where you can stop for a snack at the Snack Bar or enjoy a cup of tea and pita in a Bedouin tent.
  • Continue driving north along the Arava Valley, for another 20 miles or so. A fence comes into view, stretching its way along the desert road. As we glance over its edges from our vehicle, we see ostrich and other strange inhabitants gleaning in groups, resting or eating. This enclosure, home to biblical animals of the desert, was started in the 1960’s to reintroduce and acclimatize the disappearing and endangered species back into the region.
  • Visit YOTVATA HAI BAR, consisting of 3 major areas of focus:
  1. “Acacia Savannah” where Onager, Addax, White & Scimitar Oryx, African Wild Ass roam the region dotted with Acacia trees.
  2. “Predator Centre” where wolves, tigers, & caracals… stare back at you through glass partitions, and birds of prey congregate in trees.
  3. “Night Life in the Desert” section where you cross into the (simulated) realm of night which is the time when desert animals (most of which are nocturnal) appear and are active.
  • Return to Eilat Port in the early afternoon.



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