Multi-Day Itineraries – Israel Tours

Visitors across the globe have varying needs and we at Travel Israel are here to take the time to listen and plan with you. Simply send a message through our Contact Us link to start planning a tour.

Not everybody has the time to devote to planning, so we have set up a number of itineraries that cover popular routes for those who want to take their time to SEE and UNDERSTAND Israel. All of these itineraries can be amended to suit your personal requirements.

OUR FEATURED TOUR, ISRAEL 3 DAYS is particularly suitable for people with limited time available but who want to see as much as possible. Visitors, whether on holiday, business or conventions to nearby Mediterranean countries like Cyprus and Greece or Jordan and Egypt often want to seize an opportunity to visit Israel, and find this 3 Day Tour is particularly suitable. The itinerary is flexible, the days can be interchanged and adapted to start or end at any border, point of entry or location in Israel. Link to Itinerary >

This itinerary is suitable for all faiths and beliefs. It is our own selection of sites that we believe are highlights of Israel. The tour is suitable for small or large groups that arrive and depart at the same time. It can be adapted to flight schedules that arrive at weekly intervals. Link to itinerary >  

Similar to the 7 Day tour, the 8 Day Tour is suited for groups both small and large. As it is not based on flight patterns, it can be opened for individual travelers arriving on varying schedules and from different parts of the world. Link to Itinerary >

The 10 Day Tour is a classical tour of Israel with highlights and sites for all denominations. Link to Itinerary >

British CampaignHoly Land

This 8 day tour itinerary offers in-depth analysis and visits the battlefields that were not only sacred ground but important to the political and military history of the region and to the world as part of the Middle Eastern Theatre of World War I. Link to Itinerary >