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We all want our children to experience an indelible connection to JUDAISM – our HERITAGE, and ISRAEL – our HOMELAND.

A Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah tour for this most special Jewish rite of passage, vividly brings that connection to life. We work directly with the family to tailor how this experience will unfold in relation to preferences in choice of tour sites, activities, budget, accommodations, and time constraints. 

Below you will find information regarding the different locations, events, sites and activities that can be included for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, as well as family and friends.

We will be happy to discuss with you in more detail the options available to make your visit truly memorable.    

 Locations & Venues for “Aliyah L’Torah.” 

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
The Western Wall in Jerusalem, Judaism’s holiest shrine amidst the crowds of Orthodox thronging to prayer, is most frequently used as a Bar Mitzvah location. As the last remnant of the 2nd Temple complex of Jerusalem, destroyed in 70 A.C.E., it symbolizes both the loss of Jewish Independence and the hope for its return. It confirms our commitment “Next year in Jerusalem”.
Bar Mitzvahs are held on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays as were public Torah readings in ancient times.

Davidson Center – South Wall Excavation in Jerusalem
The Archaeological Park of Jerusalem, at the foot of the Temple Mount near the Western Wall, encompasses the remains of Jerusalem in its splendor. It is no less holy than the Western Wall. Here, with a view to the Judean Hills and Mt of Olives, ceremonies may be held according to your own traditions, whether Conservative or Reform. The congregation sits on ‘Hulda Steps’ the original stairs leading to the Second Temple.

Western Wall Tunnel
A Bar Mitzvah ceremony (Orthodox) can be conducted in the great chambers beneath the ancient arches at the entrance to the Wailing Wall Tunnel. The splendid archaeological discoveries within these galleries allow visitors to understand the enormity of the Second Temple.

Ein Yael
An agricultural farm from the Second Temple Period recreates an authentic biblical setting.

The Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem
Private Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies may be held in the historic courtyard and gardens of the “The Citadel”, the castle that protected Jerusalem for over 2000 years.

The Hurva Synagogue
Destroyed in the War of Independence in 1948 – only recently has reconstruction begun on the Hurva Synagogue. For years it was a memorial in the form of a giant arch against the blue sky – a reminder of the synagogue’s shattered dome. Hence it has become a symbol of Jewish return to Jerusalem.

Against the backdrop of the desert mountains with the Dead Sea and Jordan stretching to the east, you turn to face Jerusalem. Within the silence of this setting, in what is one of the world’s oldest synagogues in use, the Torah is withdrawn from the ark and you feel your connection to your people. Masada is the symbol of Israel’s self-reliance and determination.

Tsfat (Safed)
The winding alleyways and cobblestone streets in Tsfat lead to ancient synagogues, renowned for their Kabbalistic sages and mysticism. Activities held after the ceremony draw us into the values significant to that spirituality.

Neot Kedumim
This 625-acre nature reserve is dedicated to recreating the physical setting of the bible. Within its confines are scenes of nature depicted from biblical passages, as well as ancient relics such as olive and wine presses and excavations revealing ancient threshing floors, cisterns and ritual baths.

Ancient Synagogues and Archaeological Sites
Choose from numerous archaeological sites & ancient synagogues throughout Israel as the Bar/Bat Mitzvah location or have a simple Torah reading at any of these sites to commemorate the occasion. Some such examples can include the remains of the synagogues at Ein Gedi – Baram – Beit Alfa – Korazim etc…

For more information, the following resource centers can be contacted:

The Center for Conservative Judaism: (Tel) ++972-2-625-2529 (Fax) 011-972-2-623-4127






Har-El Reform Synagogue(Tel) ++972-2-625-3841 (Fax) 011-972-2-623-4866

Movement for Progressive Judaism: (Tel) ++972-2-620-3477 (Fax) 011-972-2-620-3446

Orthodox: Jerusalem Connection Resource Center: (Tel/Fax) ++972-2-627-1283, or The Great Synagogue, (Tel) ++972-2-624-7112, (Fax) ++972-2-623-3620


 Educational, Cultural & Adventure Activities 

Neot Kedumim
Numerous and varied hands-on-activities such as: a Torah scribe demonstration – a mezuzah treasure hunt – cooking with the bible – “women of the bible” theme – agricultural tasks performed by our ancestors – etc….

Archaeological Dig
Crawl through fascinating cave systems. Dig, sift, examine pottery and tour the National Park of Beit Guvrin.

Hassidic Life
A rare chance to enter the Hassidic world of streimals & capotah and have a meal with a Hassidic family in one of their settlements.
(Streimals & capotah are the traditional outfit of Jews in East Europe in the 17th century, which is the dress code of the ultra-orthodox Jews till today).

Tsfat (Safed)
Engage in various workshops including candle making, olive oil production, challah baking, etc.
Attend lectures and group interaction on topics such as:- an introduction to Kabbalism and Hassidism, analysing personal Torah codes and mysticism.
Experience unique musical presentations and partake of a Hassidic Sabbath meal.

The City of David, Jerusalem
Three thousand years ago David conquered a small hilltop town south of the Temple Mount and made it his capital, thus unifying all the tribes of Israel. The spring at this site, flowing till today, was the only water source for the area in ancient times, and the City of David grew up around it. Biblical Kings, including King Solomon, were anointed at this spring.
Some 2700 years ago, in preparation for the war against the Assyrians, King Hezekiah dug an underground tunnel (which still exists) from the spring, to a pool inside the town. The story of its construction comes to life while embarking on an underground adventure by the light of a lamp, through the tunnel in knee deep water approx 500 m. in length.

Ein Yael
Participate in activities relating to ancient agriculture.

Western Wall Tunnel
The street level of 2000 years ago lies beneath the dwellings of today and the tunnel experience is a walk along the paved streets of the 2nd Temple Period. The Bar Mitzvah youth (having been instructed beforehand) can lead his family through the tunnels following the service.

Ramparts Walk
A walkway atop the Old City walls offers a unique panoramic view of the Old City and its surroundings.

Hikes can be made throughout Israel from easy to more challenging routes:
From the north… Hike along the Zavitan River of the Yehudiya Nature Reserve in the Golan Heights, descending ladders and swimming through pools.
Through the City of David… In the heart of the country, hike through the Hezekiah Tunnel in knee deep water, guided by lamp light.
To the south… Hiking along the David Spring in the oasis of Ein Gedi to the waterfall or along the desert mountains to the hidden pools of Nahal Arugot.

Swim in the Sachne, “Gan HaShlosha”, referred to as the one of the ten top swimming sites in the world by “World Traveller” magazine.
Plan a swim in the Sea of Galilee, the Mediterranean or the Red Sea.
Float in the Dead Sea or visit one of the spas throughout the country.

Rafting – Rappelling – Camel Rides – Jeep Tours
Establish the locations and action-filled adventures that you want to incorporate into your experience.


National Parks & Nature Reserves 
Israel places a tremendous effort in maintaining and improving its national parks (archaeological, historical & religious sites, as well as nature reserves). The sites under the Israel Nature and Parks Authority are too numerous to name, but every tour includes a visit to several sites. A pass allowing entry to all the sites can be purchased at a very reasonable fee.

Below are only a few suggested sites, not covered by the National Parks Authority.

Israel Museum
Tower of David Museum
Yad Vashem
Davidson Center
Latrun Armored Corps Museum
Mini Israel
Diaspora Museum
Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum (Af Al Pi Chen)

Historical Sites
Akko, the gateway port city to the Holy Land during the Crusader Period with its intricate subterranean city of Crusader halls and sanctuaries.
Mt. Herzl – where dignitaries of the State of Israel are buried, including Yizhak Rabin.
Qatzrin – partly reconstructed ancient village in the Golan Heights displaying everyday life from the Talmudic period.

Nature Sites:
Rosh HaNikra, situated in the northwest corner of Israel on the border of Lebanon: its cliffs plunge into the Mediterranean. The caves carved out by water erosion and the impressive labyrinths that were created are accessible by cable car.
Manara Cliff – cable car and activities near the Lebanon border.
Eilat Underwater Observatory – view all forms of marine life from the Red Sea.

Neighbouring Countries
You can decide to extend your visit on a short excursion to one of the neighboring countries.
Petra, Jordan
Cairo, Egypt

 Celebratory Meal 

Choosing a restaurant for the celebratory meal in the Old City of Jerusalem should be booked well in advance of the event as it is a favored location. Noted below are some popular choices:
Between the Arches (Bein HaKeshatot)
The Quarter Cafe (Cafe HaRova)

There are a number of restaurants and hotels in Jerusalem that cater to a variety of tastes. Some examples that offer a view of the Old City from the rooftop or high location are noted below:
Mamilla Hotel

There are many Jerusalemite restaurants and hotels that can cater to your event.
Anna Ticho House
Olive and Fish

 Volunteer Projects 

A Mitzva is a “good deed” and is certainly part of the “coming of age ceremony”. A volunteer project is an opportunity to instill a sense of giving and community,and is also fulfilling to those who give. Some such projects ideas that the family can partake in are :
Leket Israel