Udi and his team are Israel’s finest hosts. We were given a welcoming and thorough introduction packed with insight and knowledge that was intimately tailored to our personal needs. Responses were timely, organization was exceptionally professional, and the experience was unforgettable. We are deeply satisfied with our short time in Israel, and we have been left hungering for more. Thank you for a fantastic day and for the many priceless memories. (Valentina Ivanov, Bulgaria)

We only had three days to tour the Holy Land. I can not imagine a better way to do this than with Udi. As a Christian, it is indeed humbling to walk on exactly (maybe) the same cobblestones as Jesus. What better tour book to use than the Bible? That was Udi’s tour book. He took us everywhere. Our three days were just packed from morning until night. I give Udi the highest possible recommendation. He made our stay great! (Cynthia Mussinan, U.S.A.)

I’ve just come across some brochures of my Israel trip more than 10 years ago!!! and fondly look back to this trip. I couldn’t recommend a better guide, entertainer, organizer and above all human being that Udi is. The passion, knowledge and humor he brings to his work is remarkable. Thank you Udi, for having provided such a special time for us four some 12 years ago. We were Michael, his wife, his brother Rick and myself. Glad you are still bringing Israel alive with your work. Best wishes, Isabel(Isabel von Schuckmann, U.K)

Four of us retained Udi for two, all day tours in Israel while our cruise ship, Pacific Princess, stopped in Haifa for two days in November 2011. We were all extremely satisfied with our experience. Udi is the most knowledgeable guide we have encountered in our travels. His explanations of the history, culture, demographics, religions, and politics of Israel were very informative and gave context to our visit. He was most accommodating to our wishes regarding our visit and very pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering private touring in Israel.(Elizabeth Roscoe, Canada)

My trip to Israel in Feb 2008 still haunts me. I have never visited anywhere that affected me the way that this country did and much of that was from seeing it through the eyes of Udi. His dialogue through the journey both in geography and history combining the religious and the secular backgrounds was compelling. I have no particular religion myself but felt so deeply moved by all that we experienced in that week. I have such a need to go back again and see if it was real….unforgettable.(Liz Evans, U.K.)

We had the holiday of a lifetime. We fell in love with Israel because of the beauty of the land and its rich history, but it was you who really brought it to life for us. Your extensive knowledge, interesting stories, entertaining humour, careful planning and thoughtful care for us as a group made all the difference.

We hold warm memories of our visit and of the friends we made.

There is no doubt that we looked, saw but also understood!(Jenny & Adam Sanders, U.K.)

A Jewish philosopher (I have forgotten if Maimonides or Hillel or even someone else !!) said, “If you want to learn, first find yourself a teacher”. We were given the best teacher – one who has knowledge, explanation, wisdom, coupled with understanding and love. Your ‘children’ are very lucky. Shalom Aleichem.(Barbara)

I do not think I have ever met a man more in love with his job than your good self and although your job is your living, I know it gives you great pleasure to impart your great fund of knowledge and love or your country’s history to others. I very much hope that you continue to do this for a very long time, and give as many people as possible the benefit of your passion and interest. You have no doubt worked very hard to attain the highest level in your chosen vocation. As I have already said to you, I do not believe that there could be anyone in the whole of Israel who could excel at his job as you do, but I am open to the suggestion of being biased towards you ! The people who have shared the benefit of your presence on tour are extremely lucky.(M.Locke, Kent, England)

Israel, with its rich history and breathtaking scenery, is a fascinating country but what made this visit really special was our guide for the week Mr. Udi Guberman.

Udi’s extensive knowledge, coupled with detailed preparation and excellent presentation, made the past come alive as well as giving us a better understanding of more recent events and putting the whole into proper context. His day to day management of the tour group and organization of our visits was faultless. On top of this he did all the driving ! Udi, Thank you again for making our silver wedding holiday/study tour so wonderful.(J&P Rounce, Driffield, England)

Within minutes of leaving the airport, Udi had united these 12 different people into one united group, happy to feed on his charm, wit, knowledge and enthusiasm. He knew how to get the most from our days, and we were happy to rise early and get the edge on the other tourist groups. We can’t pretend to remember all that he told us but he presented everything in such a clear and interesting manner that I am sure we have all brought home a vast amount of information and experience. He is to be recommended.(L&A Armstrong, Ilford, Essex, UK)

To instruct is one thing,

to teach another,

but to enlighten is an entirely different matter.

Thank you for a most inspiring and challenging week in Israel, the memory of which will linger for a long time to come.(C&N Brechman)

Thank you very much for your help and the excellent tour ! May God continue to bless you and your family.(Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wakeforest, North Carolina)

Udi – As you started the tour you said, to look is one thing, to see another, but to understand, is an entirely different matter. Thank you for helping me to understand. (Kelli)