Other Services

Israel Airports Authority: This site has a great deal of useful information about transportation services (taxi, trains. shuttles etc.) to and from the airports, about border crossing procedures and much more including exchange rates, global time, & weather.

Israel Meteorological Services: Local weather information.

Israel Museums: Guide to museums throughout Israel.

Israel National Parks and Nature Reserves Authority: Includes information about the sites as well as suggestions and entry fees and special passes.

Israel Post: Information about postage costs, exchange rates etc.

Free Guided Walking Tours in Tel Aviv:

  • OLD JAFFA: Wednesdays. Meeting point: Clock Tower (Yefet Street), Jaffa. Time: 10:00
  • BAUHAUS – ‘THE ‘WHITE CITY’: Saturdays. Meeting point: 46 Rothschild Blvd. (corner of Shadal Street). Time: 11:00
  • TEL AVIV BY NIGHT: Tuesdays. Meeting point: Rothschild Blvd. and Herzl Street (on the boulevard). Time: 20:00
  • TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY: ART AND ARCHITECTURE: Mondays. Meeting point: Dyonon bookstore, university campus entrance (Intersection of Haim Levanon and Einstein Streets). Time: 11:00

Walking Tour Suggestions in Tel Aviv:

In honor of its 100th anniversary Tel Aviv created three walking tour routes that tell the city’s story in three colors that are typical of Tel Aviv: white, blue and green. The white route – describes the city’s history, the blue route – the Tel Aviv seashore, the green route – urban nature. The routes pass through central stations, sites and prominent structures.

  • The White Route – 

    begins at the point where historic Yafo meets Neve Zedek and Ahuzat Bayit, passing through the heart of Tel Aviv-Yafo and tracing the city’s development over time. The route passes through the heart of the White City, in the area recognized by UNESCO as a world culture heritage site in 2003. The route reveals important stages in the city’s history and expansion and provides information on significant architectural phases in the city.

  • The Blue Route – 

    represents Tel Aviv-Yafo’s beautiful coastline and the city’s Mediterranean atmosphere. 

    The route stretches along the city’s beaches – from the Yafo Ridge in the south to the Tel Aviv Port and the lighthouse in the north – and includes important sites, places of historic significance and landmarks that formed the social, cultural and Mediterranean heritage of the city’s residents.

  • The Green Route – this is an urban nature trail that passes through Ganei Yehoshua (Yarkon Park) along the Yarkon River. The route reflects aspects of Tel Aviv-Yafo’s green heritage, as it developed from a garden city constructed in the sand dunes into a vibrant metropolis that cultivates gardens, parks and green areas.

Jordan Meteorological Services: Jordan weather information.

Recommended Reading: A list of reading materials recommended by Udi.