About Travel U.D.I – Travel Israel

Travel U.D.I (U Discover Israel) – Travel Israel, was created by people who enjoy working with people from various cultures and want to share with and expose them to Israel’s diversities. The common denominator between them and the guides that work with them, is their concern for people, their professionalism, their knowledge of their specific niche, and their enjoyment in providing service to others. Travel Israel tour guides happily share their extensive knowledge of history, geography, culture and much more. Travel U.D.I makes an effort to ensure that customers get maximum information about what is going to face them.


Our Team

Udi Guberman Israel tour expert Udi Guberman:  Lead Tour Guide

Udi was born and raised in Israel. After completing his compulsory military service, he studied in the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Having lived with his family in various farm communities, kibbutz and moshav, and in different locations in Israel from the Golan to Eilat, Udi has an intimate connection to the geography, landscape and nature of the country.

Udi also lived on a farm in Canada for 10 years and is fluent in English.

Licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism, Udi has 18 years of experience as a tour guide, thousands of tourists behind him and numerous letters of appreciation. His love for history and archaeology led him to further his academic studies and he now holds a BA in history and MA in Land of Israel Studies.

On his tours Udi emphasizes the history, geo-politics and nature during the time of the bible. His secular background focuses on illuminating the bible from an intellectual point of view, which he does with a passion for both religious and non-religious groups.

Udi’s diverse background is the backbone of Travel U.D.I and his motto is the code to which we adhere to in planning our programs:

“To LOOK is one thing. To SEE another. But to UNDERSTAND… is an entirely different matter”



Maya Israel Marketing and Sales

Maya Dekel: Marketing & Sales 
Maya was born and raised in Israel. She has a track record in business development, marketing and sales, as well as a legal background, all in an international business environment. Maya has previously worked in Content Procurement for YES, the Israeli Satellite TV company and as a Commercial Account Manager for the International Carrier, 012 Golden Lines. But most of all, Maya is a people person, enjoying the personal connection with individuals, customers, and business partners around the world; making sure Travel U.D.I is always out there, always fun to cooperate with, and always up to date.

Israel tour reservations

Keppy Guberman: Reservations
Born and raised in Montreal, Keppy has a diploma in Early Childhood and Physical Education from McGill College and taught English as a foreign language in Israel. Later on she received accreditation as a travel agent and has worked in both incoming and outgoing travel in Israel. At Travel U.D.I, we believe that correct information (such as scheduling, hotels, dress code, and costing) is an essential part of the success of a tour. Keppy handles reservations and organizing various aspects of the tour to ensure that you get all the necessary information.


Tour guides in Israel

In Israel licensed tour guides are required to study a 2 year course of academic subjects and must participate in advanced study seminars yearly in order to maintain the validity of their license. The goal of the seminars is to ensure that tour guides are current on new findings as well as to enrich their knowledge in order to enable them to better serve the tourists they lead, maintaining a high level of professionalism.

As each person is different so is each tour guide, and each one brings with them self a blend of their past, their knowledge, their character and their interests.

As well as Udi, we are proud to work with some of the most distinguished tour guides who are not only leaders, educators and personal companions for their groups, but are warm-hearted and good human beings. These are guides with years of proven experience offering in-depth knowledge about history, politics, religion, culture and much more. They have a deep-rooted connection to the land and are dedicated to ensure that you enjoy the best possible experience on your tour.

Yossi S

Yossi Private Tour Guide Israel

Yossi’s first and foremost characteristic is his ‘big heart’, and it is from there that everything else flows.

There is nothing too big or too small for his clients, his friends or his colleagues, that Yossi can’t handle.

These characteristics seem to be why Yossi has managed to establish VIP and business clientele and his name is synonymous with going “the extra mile”.

Yossi speaks English and Hebrew and has a BA in Political Science as well as a BA and MA in Law and is a licensed tour guide from the Ministry of Tourism.

Yossi is also trained and certified as a commercial skipper, EMT, and has a keen interest in photography.

He is 46 years old and lives a short distance outside Tel Aviv with his wife and four children.

Danny K

Military Historical Tours Israel

Danny grew up on a kibbutz in the Jezreel Valley in Israel, spending most of his time outdoors in the fields.

When working in the Sde Boker Field School in southern Israel he developed his love of the desert.

Danny holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a certificate in organizational consultation and group dynamics. He served as a psychologist specializing in stress conditions in Israel and abroad (with the Prime Minister’s Office).

Specializing in military history with emphasis on the British campaign in Palestine during The Great War (WW1) and Israel’s War of Independence as well as religion, history, archaeology, 4×4 trips, nature and adventure trips, his passion emerges when he involves others in his love of the land as well as the views and the stories of those who live on it. Danny now also holds a Masters degree in “Land of Israel Studies” from Haifa Universtiy. 

Hassan K

Hasan holy land expert guide

Hassan was born in a small Bedouin village in the Lower Galilee. During his childhood he crossed the expanses of the Galilee as a shepherd and this may have been the foundation for his love of hiking and tours.

Hassan has a rich academic background. He has a BA in Land of Israel Studies and history from Haifa University, a teaching degree in history and the Middle East from Oranim College, and is a licensed tour guide from the Ministry of Tourism and Ben Gurion University.

Hassan speaks English, Hebrew and Arabic and guides a wide range of tourists including pilgrim groups, families, business and VIP groups.

His interests and specialties include history, archaeology, religion (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) and minority groups.

What is most striking about Hassan is the combination of his wealth of knowledge and his hospitable Bedouin nature that are both predominant in his character and his tours.

Suzanne P

Jerusalem Tour Guide






Suzanne is a graduate of the prestigious Archaeological Seminars Tour Guide School and a tour guide licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Specializing in Jerusalem’s Old City, Modern Jerusalem’s oldest neighborhoods, a traditional Christian stroll down the Mt. of Olives, a walk on the Ramparts, the Muslim Quarter, the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter, the Armenian Quarter and the Jewish Quarter, Suzanne is passionate about the country.

The history, Biblical connection and cultural identities of people which have passed through continue to excite her, and she thoroughly enjoys sharing it all with visitors!

Ron H

Ron Eilat Tour guide

Ron lived and guided for 10 years at the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel field study center in Eilat, taking tours to the Sinai Desert, Negev Desert and Eilat Mountains.

With his experience of the south of Israel (especially the area around Eilat and the Red Sea) as well as his knowledge of the north and center of the country, his expertise also includes short and long hiking tours as well as stunning desert jeep adventures.

Ron is a keen hiker and loves introducing people to the mountains and trails of the Negev Desert where they can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of this amazing landscape.

Nurit G

Nurit Israel Tour Guide

Nurit has a BA in Biblical Studies and the History of Jewish Thinking from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

She specializes in tours of Jewish and Christian heritage and has a background of being a counselor for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, leading to extensive knowledge of geography, geology, plants and birds.

Many of her tours combine themes including drawing, mosaics and sculpture from ancient art and architecture (Roman, Byzantine and Crusader).


In our troubled times, tourists are worried about travelling in a country that is so often in the media. We sit glued to our television sets to the news reports of clashes throughout the world. What we fail to realize is that most of the time and in most of the places, it is… business as usual. After all, no news is good news. So although there are incidents in Israel, these do not occur throughout the country on a constant basis.

So yes, we travel throughout Israel comfortably and safely. We contact the tourist bureau and the security forces before and during your tour to ensure your safety. Travel continues throughout Jerusalem and Israel on a regular basis.