Adventure & Nature






Active holidays and extreme sports are becoming popular worldwide. Israel is a dynamic country in a new world and despite the fact that it is known for its technology and brain-power, it is not separate from the rest of the world. There are numerous professionals that provide for those who need to challenge their boundaries and look for activities beyond the norm.
As a country located between 3 continents, Israel is unique in that you can actually walk from one climatic zone to another, with an extremely rich variety of flora and fauna from both northern and southern hemispheres. Being located along the route for migrating birds from Europe to Africa, it has become a favorite locale for ‘Birdwatchers’. In the winter months you can ski down Mount Hermon, and within an hours drive, arrive for a swim in the Sea of Galilee.
Hiking is one of the pastimes that was prominent in Israel in the 1950’s as it was a way to get to know the country after it gained its Independence. Hike through nature reserves from the lush green north to the parched red and brown hued desert.