1 Day Avdat – Caravans & Craters – from Eilat


Sometime during the 8th Century A.C.E. , a human saga that had continued for more than one thousand years, came to an end.

It had begun as towns sprouting amidst the sands, and ended in degeneration, abandonment and repossession by the desert.

These ancient settlements of the desert were established with great human effort and with deep knowledge of the desert.

They were destroyed by a more primitive desert people to whom the advanced culture was foreign.


The legend of the 3 wise men – Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar is an interesting one. Some believe they came from Persia. Others – that each was from a different region. Can it be that Melchior was actually, Malchius II, son of the Nabatean King Aretas IV?

When the other 2 kings passed through Petra, did they invite him on the journey?

Whether or not these questions can be answered in certainty, may remain unknown. But, it is unquestionable that Avdat was one of the major Nabatean stations that tunnelled the caravans of frankincense and myrrh towards the shores of the Mediterranean. Today this route is known as the “Spice Route”.

Journey with us to learn more…

Tour Itinerary

  • Travel along the Israeli/Egyptian border till the Ramon Crater, leaving behind the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Eilat
  • Climb to MITZPE RAMON overlooking the world’s largest phenomena of its kind.
  • View snakes, scorpions and giant lizards in their habitat.
  • Drive to AVDAT – fascinating town of the Nabateans and see their concealed water sources.
  • Continue on to the spa at the oasis of NEVE MIDBAR. Relax at the completely new facilities where the rich mineral water erupts out of the ground at a temperature of 39 C.
  • Return to Eilat towards evening.