Tel Hai to Tel Dan

Tel – the Arabic word for mound – is composed of layers formed over thousands of years by the construction of successive settlements in the exact location.

The prerequisites of an ancient settlement were sufficient land, water availability, communication routes, and a defendable position. A combination of these features were found only in limited areas in Palestine, mainly close to perennial fountains and rivers.

Once a site was chosen, it was obviously suitable to the needs of later generations. With each civilization – destroyed by war, by natural disaster or abandoned by its inhabitants, the ‘tel’ grows a little more above the surface of the land.



Heritage tour that takes you to sites in the Upper Galilee and Golan, symbolic of heroic stands and then to the biblical city of the tribe of Dan, major source of the Jordan river.

Tour Itinerary

Tour Code: HTEL1

  • From Haifa drive east towards the Golan Heights.
  • Optional Jeep Tour
  • Ascend towards the northern region (over 1000 m high) to EMEK HABACHA (VALLEY of TEARS), where one of the major battles of the Yom Kippur War took place.
  • Continue to KIBBUTZ EL ROM to see the video presentation about the battle.
  • Drive through the picturesque DRUZE VILLAGES and descend from the Golan Heights back to the Hula Valley.
  • Visit TEL HAI where the myths of modern Israeli heroism had its beginnings.
  • Continue to the National Park of TEL DAN, important town of the Old Testament period and where the major spring of the Jordan River is located.



Tour Options

Below is a list of sites on the same route and close in themes which can be exchanged or added, depending on personal preferences and time constraints. Religious services may also be arranged for all faiths.

The tour may be operated as a JOINT TOUR enabling you to share expenses which allows you the benefits of a private tour excursion at a price competitive with bus tours.GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

GROUP TOURS can be arranged for large groups enabling itinerary flexibility and adaptability to groups requirements, interests, language etc.


Tel Hazor: settlement that was at its height during the Ca’ananite Period.
Golan Heights Optional Jeep Tour: A closer encounter with the nature of the Golan and a local viewpoint on the topics relevant to Israel’s northern communities.