Haifa Port Excursions

Haifa shore excursionsMajor port and 3rd largest city in Israel, Haifa, takes pride in being the home of residents of the 3 major religions as well as many minority faiths and is uniquely noted for its co-existence and tolerance, which is celebrated at the annual ‘Holiday of Holidays’ during the month of December.

Cruise Arrivals to Haifa port, in the downtown area are conveniently adjacent to the train station and within walking distance to Ben Gurion Street in the German Colony, whose view up to the Carmel Mountains is dominated by the Golden Dome and sculptured landscape of the Bahai Temple and gardens.

For cruise passengers who plan to explore on their own, they can find many things to do at the following link: http://www.tour-haifa.co.il/eng/.

For those of you who wish to participate in a cruise excursion from Haifa, SEE OUR LIST OF CRUISE EXCURSIONS FROM HAIFA PORT BELOW which can be adapted to your own specifications.

Cruise excursion  from Haifa


As the schedule for shore excursions is tight, the tour routes below reflect that constraint. Our objectives are:

To open a small window towards understanding…the sites…the people…the history and present

♦ To vividly bring to life your visions and perceptions of the Holy Land

♦ To make your day memorable and enjoyable


Tours from Haifa Port

Note: All tours from Ashdod Port can also be operated from Haifa Port   Link to Ashdod Port Excursions

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