Vegan Tasting Tel Aviv Restaurants and Food Outlets

Carmel Market Stalls Tel Aviv

Tour Itinerary

  • Israel’s abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables make it a haven for vegetarians and vegans, while it’s varying cultures from around the world, have found their way to influence Israel’s  gastronomic scene.
  • A 3 hour walking tour that begins at “Zakaim” , an eco friendly boutique vegan restaurant, with second hand furnishings, utensils and dishes.
  • A walk through some trendy areas of the city to some other vegan restaurants to savor some of their popular dishes.
  • A possible stop at a vegan “ice cream parlor” or bakery that includes a soft drink , aperitif chaser or black coffee will provide a satisfying finale and an experience of the city’s dynamic food culture.

Departures: Mondays & Wednesdays

Departure Point Departure Time Price
From Tel Aviv 18:30 $59

Tour is in English.