Palm Sunday Procession


Tour Itinerary

  •  Join the procession retracing the route that Jesus journeyed, when he entered the Jerusalem on Passover in 33 ACE whereby he was hailed as the Messiah, by the crowds and waving palm branches.
  • The Palm Sunday event is a march recreating the event by religious leaders: the Catholic Patriarch, Custos of the Holy Land, Latin Patriarch and Greek Archbishop in their ceremonial robes with the participation of peoples from around the globe that takes place on Sunday before Easter,
  • Start with a panoramic view of the Judean desert and the Jordan Valley, stopping at the CHAPEL of BETHPAGE, where traditionally Jesus sent his disciples to find a donkey for him on which to ride into the city.
  • Drive to the Church of Ascension and join the procession descending the Mt. of Olives to the Church of DOMINUS FLEVIT.
  • Pass the GARDEN of GETHSEMANE and the CHURCH of ALL NATIONS (also known as THE CHURCH of AGONY), descending to the KIDRON VALLEY towards the OLD CITY to enter at LION’S GATE.
  • Continue with the procession, along the VIA DOLOROSA, the “Way of Suffering” that Jesus took.
  • Visit the CHURCH of ST. ANNE and the pools of BETHESDA, before exiting the old city via the Muslim Quarter and the colorful “Suk” (marketplace).
  • Transfer back to hotels

Sunday before Easter

Departure Point Departure Time Price
From Jerusalem  11:15 $80
From Tel Aviv 10:00 $100
From Herzliya 09:45 $100

Notes: English language only.

Entry fees NOT included


Private Tour

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A private tour guide and personal companion can be an enriching experience.

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