Jerusalem in Jesus’ Footsteps


Tour Itinerary

  • Stop atop the MT. of OLIVES at the CHURCH of ASCENSION, where a rock from which Jesus is believed to have ascended to heaven is located within a shrine and larger complex from later periods built around it.
  • Visit PATER NOSTER , where Queen Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, had a 4th century church erected over a cave where Jesus is thought to have spoken to his desciples. The Crusaders too believed that Jesus taught the Lord’s Prayer to the disciples in this cave and a new church was erected in 1152. The present structure is a partial reconstruction of the Byzantine church with a 19th-century cloister.
  •  As you descend the Mt. of Olives, above the Jewish cemetery, a panoramic view of the Old City and Temple Mount below, are key vantage points to envisage the biblical and historical sites and events of time past.
  • Stop at the church of DOMINUS FLEVIT, where it is believed that Jesus predicted the destruction of Jerusalem
  • Cross the KIDRON VALLEY and enter the OLD CITY via ZION GATE
  • Visit the POOLS of BETHESDA at the CHURCH of ST. ANNE.
  • At the convent of the SISTERS of ZION, see a 2nd Temple Cistern and engravings on the ancient road, the LITHOSTRATOS, dated to the 2nd C. built by Hadrian

Departures: Tuesdays and Fridays

Departure Point Departure Time Price
From Jerusalem 08:30 $89
From Tel Aviv 07:15 $99
From Herzliya 07:00 $99
From Netanya 06:30 $99

Notes: English language only.

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Private Tour

This tour can be operated as a private tour, enabling you to travel within the realm of your own circle of friends or the intimacy of your own family.

Private tours allow you the flexibility to adapt an itinerary to suit your group and interests, or to change the program during the course of the tour. If you are on a tight schedule and want to experience as much as possible in a limited amount of time, you can plan a concise and exacting itinerary, yet if you want to devote more time at one location or another, you have the freedom to do so.

A private tour guide and personal companion can be an enriching experience.

Please contact us about prices and the options available to adapt the itinerary to your requirements.