Culinary Tour Tel Aviv

Carmel Market Spice Stalls Tel Aviv

Tour Itinerary

  • An introduction to Tel Aviv’s local cuisine , markets and specialty foods
  • Starting at a café, not far from Allenby Street, continue to Allenby street, where people line up at obscure sidewalk stands and restaurants for local delicacies like humus, techina, halva, falafel etc.
  • Continue to “Shuk Ha Carmel”, where  stalls stacked with fruit and vegetables, and vendors selling cheeses, meats, nuts, spices etc. cater to local tastes influenced by immigrants from Yemen, Ethiopia, Iraq, America, India, Europe and Russia.
  •  Learn about the challenge of the rules of Koshering , when it comes to the culinary arts and where the locals eat, food trends, traditional dishes, the best bakeries and more.

Departures: Tuesdays

Departure Point Departure Time Price
From Tel Aviv 12:30 $39

Tour is in English.

Includes tasting at several food stalls / Bottle of Water