1 Day – Jerusalem “The Holy”


Tradition has it that Muhammad’s arrival in Jerusalem was on the celestial animal known as El Bur’aq (translated as ‘Lightning’).

It is believed that Mohammad’s ascent to heaven was for the purpose of obtaining the word of Islam and Dome of the Rock was constructed in this location in order to commemorate that event.

Dome of the Rock is the most impressive building in modern “Al Quds”. In Islam, Jerusalem is the 3rd most sacred city, taking its place after Mecca and Medina.




“Al Quds” translating into “The Holy” refers to Jerusalem. The most impressive feature of the Jerusalem horizon is Dome of the Rock which symbolizes its importance in Islam. From an overview at Mt. of Olives , start the journey in the Old City at the Temple Mount – ‘Haram Al Sharif”and continue on through the Muslim section with a final stop in Bethlehem.

Tour Itinerary

  • Ascend the Judean mountains to Al Quds, the Holy City of Jerusalem.
  • From the MT. OF OLIVES ,  view  the Old City and Dome of the Rock, the site where traditionally one of the most important events in Mohammad’s life took place.
  • Travel to the Old City, entering via one of  the gates of Jerusalem’s walled city and begin at the Temple Mount,  HARAM AL SHARIF.
  • Visit ‘BAIT AL MUQADDES’- the Mosque of Al Aqsa referred to as’Awl el Qiblatain’ in the Holy Qur’an.  
  • Nearby, enter the DOME OF THE ROCK (Quabbat Al-Sakhra) where an overview of the history and architecture sheds light on various backgrounds and tales that pay tribute to these sites “whose precincts we did bless” – Al Qur’an el Kareem, Sura 17.
  • Cross the Muslim Quarter and the exotic Arab market and trace the ‘Mameluke art’ from the old city “Alktanin bazaar” (The Cotton Market) to the CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHER, the place where Jesus (Nabi ‘Issa) was crucified and buried . Directly in front of this stands CALIPH OUMAR MOSQUE, in honor of  Oumar – the caliph (person acting in Muhammad’s place after his death) who allowed Christians to continue praying at the Holy Sepulcher , after his victory over Byzantine Jerusalem 
  • Drive a short distance to BETHLEHEM, to the CHURCH OF NATIVITY , one of the world’s most ancient churches and birthplace of Jesus.

Please note that ONLY Muslims can enter mosques on this tour. 

Optional Sites

Sites on the same route and close in themes and therefore can be exchanged or added, depending on personal preferences and time constraints.

Davidson Center: the archaeological park of Jerusalem with holds displays from the early Islamic period.
Tomb of Nebi Samuel: traditional site of the tomb of the prophet Samuel, with a mosque, a synagogue and extensive Crusader ruins.
L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem: which holds one of the foremost collections of Islamic Art and Antique Watches & Clocks.
Islamic Museum of the Temple Mount: depicts the culture & heritage of the Islam.