1 Day – Islamic Traditions of Galilee


In 638 ACE, the second Khalif – Omar Ibn El Khitab commenced a war campaign and established the foundation for the huge Muslim empire that stretched all the way from the Arab Peninsula of Saudi Arabia to Spain.

The north part of Israel came under Islamic rule at that time and till today there are scores of Arab villages in the Galilee.

The Muslims left their mark on the land and numerous various Muslim sects exist, including the Ahmadiyya in Haifa, and the Bahai, which developed from Islam but is a totally separate religion today.




Focusing mainly on Arabic and Bedouin heritage, the tour takes you through Haifa and its neighborhoods, all the way to Akko, culminating in a lunch served in traditional Bedouin style in a local Bedouin Village.

Tour Itinerary

  • Drive through Haifa’s GERMAN COLONY, first settled by the Templars in 1868. Learn about this German, protestant sect (not to be confused with the ‘crusader Knights of the Templars’) that contributed to the many facets of life, and in fact laid the foundations of modern agriculture in the Holy Land. The original stone houses much admired during their era, have been preserved and today the neighborhood is a popular tourist area with many restaurants and cafes.
  • Ascend the Carmel mountains for a panoramic view of Haifa and the BAHAI GARDENS and Shrine. Learn how Bahá’u’lláh, founder of the Bahai faith, arrived at the Turkish penal colony of Acre in 1868 in the Holy Land, after a series of successive banishments from his native Persia (Iran).
  • Continue to the neighborhood of “KABABIR” to learn about the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam, founded by an Indian Muslim. According to the sect’s beliefs, holy war in the name of Islam (Jihad) must only be carried out by means of preaching and pleasantness and not by force of sword.
  • Drive along the bay of Haifa north to AKKO, one of the most important port cities of ancient times, where fortresses, citadels, churches mosques and other structures are remnants of the many rulers who governed and glorified it. Focus will be given to the Crusader Period 1099 A.D. and on throughout the Ottoman period when the city changed hands between Crusaders, Mamluks and Muslims.



  • Reference will be noted to the prominent Arabic leaders during that period such as Daher el-Omar, Bedouin ruler of the Galilee and Ahmad Basha al-Jezzar, Muslim ruler of Akko known as ‘the butcher’, who faced Napolean’s forces in 1799 and managed to stop them.
  • Stop at AL-JEZZAR MOSQUE, known as the “white mosque” because of it’s silvery white dome that glitters at great distances and the ‘shuk’ one of the most authentic ‘open-air’ markets in Israel.
  • Visit the KNIGHTS HALLS of the Hospitallers and the subterannean tunnels of the Templars.
  • Depart Akko, driving east to a BEDOUIN VILLAGE where you will enjoy bedouin style hospitality with an authentic lunch. While watching fresh pita bread being made in traditional manner you will hear the stories and legends of how the bedouin arrived in Israel in the 17th C from Saudi Arabia via Jordan and Syria, until they settled finally in the Lower Galilee.
  • Return in the evening.

Please note that only Muslims can enter mosques on this tour.