1 Day – Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea

Situated between Asia, Africa and Europe, amidst 4 different phyto-geographic zones, Israel’s nature reflects elements from each of these regions making for extraordinary and diverse flora and fauna,

Israel’s winter scenes display the white snow capped mountains of the Upper Galilee (Sefad) and Golan Heights, while spring to summer shades are hues of dark green to yellow and multi-colored patches of various flower species.

Whether winter or summer a drive along the Syrian African Rift, from north to south, culminates with shades of beige to rose of the desert zone, while a swim at the Dead Sea, lowest point in the world, can be any time of year.

Israel has become a popular destination for “Birdwatchers” who can watch their feathered friends travelling on their migration journey from Europe to Africa in the autumn and returning in the spring.

A trip crossing this tiny country from north to south, highlights Israel’s natural geographic and climatic multiplicity. 



The convergence of rain water dropping over 600 feet from the Judean mountains above to the Dead Sea is the phenomena that creates the oasis of Ein Gedi. Rich with plant and animal life, and the antithesis of the setting of the bleak desert surrounding it, Ein Gedi delights those who want to trek the marked paths along the streams crossing the deep ravines in order to become attuned to the mysteries of the desert and the wildlife that abound due to the presence of water.

Tour Itinerary

  • Drive to EIN GEDI, located approximately mid-way on the western coast of the Dead Sea, lowest point on earth.
  •  Visit the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, where ibex wander around unthreatened by human presence, and hyrax sunbathe on the rock cliffs
  • Choose one of two main hiking routes:
    • Walk through the reserve along the stream to DAVID’S WATERFALLS where Christ-thorn, Egyptian balsam, and acacia trees provide shade from the hot desert sun. This is an easy trek, about 1 1/2 hr.
    • Continue from the waterfall to the Upper Section of Nachal David , a more challenging hike passing SHULAMIT SPRING, DODIM CAVE – at the summit of the waterfall and on to EIN GEDI SPRING. The hike is approximately 3 hours.
    • Walk to the HIDDEN FALLS along ARUGOT STREAM , approximately 4 hours. Possibly find a secluded spot to bathe in the upper pools.
  • While hiking a recapitulation of the biblical stories associated with the region, including David’s retreat from King Saul and reading of Song of Song’s heightens our perception in understanding of it.
  •  A visit can include a dip in the DEAD SEA or visit to nearby sites.

Optional Sites

Sites on the same route and close in themes and therefore can be exchanged or added, depending on personal preferences and time constraints.

Ein Gedi Spa (Indoor Spa): where you can indulge in the mineral-rich black mud of the Dead Sea, float in its therapeutic waters or simply relax at the spa.
Mineral Beach Spa (Outdoor Spa): where you can indulge in the mineral-rich black mud of the Dead Sea, float in its therapeutic waters or simply relax at the spa.
Qumran: where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.