Kibbutz Parod

KIBBUTZ PAROD (sometimes spelt FAROD)  is located on the line of partition between Galilee’s upper and lower regions, from which the word PAROD (meaning separation, is derived).

Many sites and various types of rural communities nearby make it a good base for touring the Galilee, as well as the Golan region,

The kibbutz offers “motel style” country cabins which are surrounded by green lawns, shrubs, local flowers and plants . Besides the kibbutz branches of cattle, orchards and poultry, on site there are some small private businesses, such as the Olive Oil Producing Plant of Saba Haviv and the Kadita Tofu Plant,where fresh tofu is made daily. Other local businesses include the Aiya’s Art Gallery & Yoga, and a local grocery shop.

Parod Motel Style Cabins  Country Style landscaping   Parod Dining Room
Motel Style Country Cabins Green lawns and natural setting Kibbutz Dining Room
Room Accommodations Room Accomodations 2 Room dining table Parod
Room View 1 Room View 2 Room View 3
Parod Snow Winter at Kibbutz Parod