Galilee Guest Suite

KIBBUTZ PAROD , nestled on the slopes of Mt. Meron, started in 1949  is blossoming once again. A new community extension has been developing the past two years and kibbutz members have warmly and graciously accepted the newcomers into an open social atmosphere. Together they join forces to create a new environment, where family ties, children and the elder community, are a focus as well as a sensitivity to preservation of the surrounding environment.

SITUATED, on the dividing line of the Upper and Lower Galilee, makes Parod ideal for visits to the Entire Galilee Region, as well as to the Golan. Parod is surrounded by numerous Arab, Druze, Christian and Bedouin towns and villages, as well as kibbutzim, moshavim and important towns and sites throughout history. Various activities such as jeep tours, cultural tours in homes of local people of the Galilee region, culinary workshops, foraging tours, and adventure tours that can include rapelling, snappling, caving etc. are available throughout the region. Visitors to the Galilee can be introduced to local festivities in season , such as the Olive Harvest Festival (usually starting sometime after the first rain in autumn), the Wine Festival, Cherry Picking, Christmas Festivities and more…

In addition to its proximity to many sites, and depending on availability, Udi can guide you on a full day, and occasionally on a half day, or tour for a few hours in the vicinity.


Parod is located:

Guests to the Galilee are greeted and directed to the  suite on the lower level of our family home.

Following is a description and photo gallery

Galilee Home Lower Deck Lower Deck 2
   A separate entrance to the suite from the lower level of our family home,
with a large deck.
Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3
Bedroom with double bed
galilee guest room 2016-01-29-14-58-00 2016-09-20-18-34-21
Television, open-up sofa bed & open up hassock to single bed in living area opposite kitchenette.
2016-01-29 14.56.54 2016-01-29 14.57.52 2016-01-29 14.57.24
Kitchenette  includes fridge, stove, oven, cutlery,
pots & pans, & dishes
Bathroom 1 Bathroom 2 Bathroom 3
Large bathroom, with shower

Country Lodgings for larger families or groups are also available at the Kibbutz Guesthouse.